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Jean Desprez® fragrances retain the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®.

Bal a Versailles

Using only the finest ingredients, Bal à Versailles opens with a complex medley of Italian Bergamot, Italian Lemon, Tunisian Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Cassie Absolute. The heart of this classic floriental is based on rare and precious essences of Jasmin Absolute, Rose Absolute, Opoponax and Orris Specialties. To this are added exotic woods and spices: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute, Mousse de Chene Absolute, Cistus and Incense.

Warm and richly textured,
Bal à Versailles is a timeless indulgence, appealing to the most discriminating tastes of today.

Jean Desprez used the purest, most expensive natural ingredients-more than 300 of them-when he composed his masterpiece 
Bal à Versailles in 1962. For the past decades, this original formula has been held in safekeeping by the perfumers at in France. They have collected and blended the original ingredients, and the result is a Bal à Versailles as majestic as when Jean Desprez first created it.

The brand "Jean Desprez Perfume" was sold several times. First to "Inter Parfums Paris" then to the American company "Parlux Fragrances Inc." which, in its turn, sold it to Genesis International Marketing Corporation, a U.S. company based in Miami, Florida. That same year was made a new version, most popular of the perfume BAL A VERSAILLES®. A combination of the classic version with today's needs, a fragrance that awakens the senses and seduces again !... THAT IS WHAT WE SELL TODAY!

This article from Social Affairs Magazine reprinted with their permission

What is a trend? One might answer that a trend is the prevailing tendency of something to appear with great frequency.

When entertainer
Michael Jackson died at 50, after being taken to an L.A. Hospital suffering cardiac arrest, many questions arose and many secrets emerged. But among all the uproar, a few interesting facts about Jackson’s way of life came to light.

One of these fascinating facts is that the world-renowned pop star delighted in wearing the Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles perfume as his signature scent.

Bal å Versailles, meaning “ball at Versailles” the grand French palace of mirrors, is supposed to recall decadent, candlelit ballroom dances past at Versailles palace, with powdered ladies exuding aristocratic perspiration – a combination of flowers and musk. Known as one of the world’s most long-cherished and classically sensuous scent, it was invented by the design house of Jean Desprez in 1962. Bal å Versailles is classified as a Floral Oriental. According to sources it was made with more than 350 rare essences. Out of these, three rose species were used in Bal a Versailles; the Bulgarian, Anatolian and May rose, all three of which are used heavily in the finest aromatherapy products of today. However, though the rose note is not pronounced and mixes with orange blossom, lemon and mandarin, and other top notes effortlessly and serves as an understated background allowing the dark jasmine heart note to pervade. Bal å Versailles changes into something quite wonderful thereafter. Sweetly woody and musky, it erupts into a heavy, musky climax. It has been described by many perfume reviewers as sexy, but not gaudy. Known as having a timeless allure modern fragrances never seem to carry, Bal a Versailles will forever be chic. However, its recent unexpected appearance indicate Bal a Versailles also has enticed a new generation of devotees.

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This is from Karen Faye (Michael's long time makeup artist) - this is not an endorsement of Jean Desprez or Bal a Versailles by Michael Jackson, the estate of Michael Jackson or representatives of the estate of Michael Jackson. This is strictly a quote from Karen Faye. This is also not an endorsement of Bal a Versailles or Jean Desprez by Karen Faye. This is however her "quoted" statement:

"I have had many requests. Like music, our sense of smell activates our memories. Michael and I discovered many years ago (30) we shared a favorite scent. Those who were able to share the same space with Michael,
BAL A VERSAILLES, by Jean Desprez, will remind you of him."

Neither Obsession or Joop were a favorite. They may have been a quick buy from his security guards because BAV was not always easy to find."

I ordered it online. I bought many bottles for him...”

"Michael treated the bottles of this scent like gold. He was always so thrilled to have it. He loved the big fancy bottle, and he liked to carry the tiny little bottles in his pocket. Michael Bush wasn't always so pleased when they leaked in his pocket."

"He was wearing Black Orchid, but that was because it was easy to get. He switched immediately, when I found him BAV. He would ask me everyday if it had arrived after I told him I had ordered it."

"He was wearing BAV in the last weeks of his life."

"Michael and I shared the love of this scent before we even met. It was something we discovered about each other. It wasn't one of those perfumes you find at the department store, so I was always hunting for it for him. Michael Bush would search also. When we found a bottle it was like striking gold. Now with the internet, it makes it easier to track down, but back then it was a miracle to find!
The scent was created in 1962."

"There are many "notes" to BAV. the ones that I love and linger on me are the earthy ones, amber and vanilla."

"I bought a lot for Michael...I hope I left some for all of you."

"It is best to get the smallest bottle of perfume. Perfume smells different on everyone...and the eau de toilette spray bottles seem to leak and don't smell as good as the perfume."

"We never cared if a scent was made for a man or women. Michael didn't think it was fair we got all the good smells. LOL"

"if you should order it....get the smallest bottle of PERFUME not the eau de toilette. The perfume smells better."