Jean Desprez®, creator of Bal a Versailles® launches a new fragrance that retains the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®.

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Jean Desprez, creator of Bal a Versailles launches a new fragrance and to celebrate we will be giving away Bal a Versailles or the new Jean Desprez fragrance.

The new Jean Desprez fragrance will penetrate the psyche, arouse the senses, and seduce as well as comfort. It is designed to activate a different signal each time it is applied, and is part of a new fragrance system that will keep the scent new and relevant for years to come.

Join the Celebration! and be the lucky winner of one of ten (10) - 100 ml (3.4 oz) - Bal a Versailles eau de toilette perfumes ($80 value), or one of ten (10) - 100 ml (3.4 oz) - of the new Jean Desprez fragrance (retail value projected to be ($90).

To enter the Jean Desprez giveaway, receive priority notification on Jean Desprez®/Bal a Versailles® products and save 50% on the new Jean Desprez fragrance prior to retail release.


Jean Desprez Official Website

music by Luz Angela Jimenez and Marco Linares