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Jean Desprez® fragrances retain the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®.


Have a fan photo you would like to share, simply email it to us (please make sure it is not larger than 1 meg). The below images are copyright the owners, and in some cases the owner is Jean Desprez and/or Bal a Versailles® (we are not mad you sent us our own photo's, ads or posters). All Celebrity photo's are copyright the owners (which is not us), and are not an endorsement of Jean Desprez and/or Bal a Versailles. If any photo on this page is an infringement of copyright ownership, simply email us and we will remove infringing photo. We are only posting photo's that have some relevance to Jean Desprez® and/or Bal a Versailles®. For example: The reason there is a photo of Linda Evans is because she mentions our Bal a Versailles fragrance on the TV Show Dynasty playing the character Krystal. The reason there is a photo of Michael Jackson and Karen Faye is because Karen Faye who was Michael Jacksons long time makekup artist claims that Mr. Jackson favored our fragrance etc. Once again, any celebrity photo's submitted by fans and displayed on this page is not an endorsement of Jean Desprez® or Bal a Versailles® nor do we make any claims or inferences thereof. Bal a Versailles® has been around since 1962, and is a well known fragrance in its' own right.


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