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Jean Desprez® fragrances retain the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®.

From the creator of Bal a Versailles, the first new Jean Desprez fragrance in 50 years! Prior to retail release, the new Jean Desprez fragrance will only be available via this website!

What happens when you combine a vintage classic with the needs of today?

The new Jean Desprez® fragrance will penetrate the psyche, arose the senses, and seduce as well as comfort. It is designed to enounce a different signal each time it is applied, and is part of a new fragrance system that will keep the scent new and relevant for years to come.

Did you know that Michael Jackson, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Olivia de Havilland, Arlene Francis, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Britt Ekland all used or use Jean Desprez - Bal a Versailles.
(these names are for reference purposes only and are not an endorsement of Jean Desprez or Bal a Versailles).
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The creator of Bal a Versailles, is the great-grandson of F Millot who created "Crepe de Chine." Jean Desprez was a top class perfumer by profession and a world class “trend setter” by nature. He employed Paul Mergier to design the packaging for his products, and Leon Leyritz to design the bottles.

That tradition continues with the launching of the newest Jean Deprez branded fragrance, which will only be available for pre-lease at this website.

Bal a Versailles

According to his long time make-up Artist Karen Faye "Michael treated the bottles of this scent like gold. He was always so thrilled to have it. He loved the big fancy bottle, and he liked to carry the tiny little bottles in his pocket. Michael Bush wasn't always so pleased when they leaked in his pocket." Known as one of the world’s most long-cherished and classically sensuous scent, it was invented by the design house of Jean Desprez in 1962. Bal å Versailles is classified as a Floral Oriental. According to sources it is made with more than 350 rare essences.

Auguste Espirte de Chine Parfum

In 1925, in homage to his grandfather, the perfumer Monsieur Millot, Jean Desprez created a perfume that became the most sought-after fragrance in Paris. Esprit de Chine, has a citrusy beginning and a spicy, creamy floral heart, with a base of white musk, tree moss and sandalwood. 

Jean Desprez Escarmouche

This collectors fragrance featured a bottle in the shape of a sword, with a Gold tip and cap (brass), black label, and a multi colored tassel.

Jean Desprez Debutante International Edition

This exquisite perfume was created exclusively for Daggett & Ramsdell by Jean Desprez of Paris, Limited Debutante International Edition

Jean Desprez Crepe de Chine

Created by Jean Desprez in 1929, jasmine became too expensive to continue to use. This is one of the legendary complex French scents lost to time.

Jean Desprez Votre Main Perfume

Circa 1930, one of the first Perfumes to feature a travel case with a laminated wood exterior with a grained interior combined with satin material.

Jean Desprez Jardanel Perfume

Created in 1973 as a limited addition fragrance it featured a "sealed wax" top and satin lined box.

Jean Desprez 40 Love

This was one of the rare instances when Jean Desprez developed a scent for both Men and Women. It is still sought after today by very discriminating admirers.

The New Jean Desprez Fragrance

The new Jean Desprez® fragrance will retain the “sexy allure” of the past combined with a hint of independence.


The perfumes of Jean Desprez:

  • 1917 Jardanel
  • 1939 Etourdissant
  • 1939 Grand Dame
  • 1939 Scheherazade
  • 1939 Votre Main
  • 1947 40 Love
  • 1962 Bal A Versailles

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